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AQUA-PULSE - Pure Water Technology

Water purification requirements feature in a wide range of applications, from residential homes, office and hotel buildings, to high-specification environments such as hospitals, laboratories and industrial production facilities, as well as municipal water supply and wastewater treatment.

This AQUA-PULSE project aims to realise a low-power, low-maintenance water purification solution based on high-brightness UV Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and a photocatalysis method. Such a system would be effective against viruses, bacteria and organic compounds, and would provide an attractive and innovative alternative to current technology utilizing mercury-based UV lamps. It brings together three European SMEs in three different, but complementary, technology areas, and links them with three RTD Performers to develop new knowledge and a new water purification product which will have significant commercial benefits for all of the SME partners.

The project aims to combine technologies in two key areas, UV LED emitters and photocatalysis. This combination of technologies will lead to product advancement in the field of water purification by creating a low cost, more efficient system when compared with current availability.


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